let me tell you of the raven's sins.

Reading: Dylan Thomas Selected Poems (illegal stolen copy sue me).
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2014 September 18, 9:40 PM.


Other people's moronic mistake forced me to utilize this Blogspot account.

My first diligent blog amelanniza.blog.com was wrongly suspended for three whole days and it frustrated me a little too much. Twice that they mistook my blog for spam, when all I did was being productive with posting six consecutive articles on the same day. How absurd. Ironically appalling to see hard work only repaid me injustice.

So, now, I have to rebuild my Lego blocks from scratch. Compiling all my poems and stories and formatting them to be viewable on the Pages required two days of brain-damaging effort. But I did it. Next step will be gaining sufficient site exposure on the net to acquire a sense of readership, how trivial it may be. Or... I can keep it a secret. No one will know and I can write any depravity I want. Electrifying, wouldn't it?

All vexations aside, I vow to be more persistent in advancing my witchcraft. And a dab of creative writing when I can. Be warned that my business involves histrionic needling and perhaps a wicked ploy of character assassinations. This is to introduce my new blog: shameless heresy with poetry and fiction.

See ye in Hell, scoundrels.

— Amel Anniza

Wednesday, January 25, 2012, 11:58 PM


  • Original tagline appreciate the beauty of accidents is from Yahoo astrology.
  • All the arts of hurting is from Wilfred Owen's poem "A Terre".
  • Is there no way out of the mind? is from Sylvia Plath's poem "Apprehensions".
  • There is more than one good way to drown is from Sylvia Plath's poem "Epitaph in Three Parts".
  • I am your thirteen years of loneliness is my own line from my inchoate poem "Your Name".
  • You are bluish; I am bloody is from my poem "Moving Heavy Furniture".
  • A refill of loss and loneliness is from my poem "Weatherglass".

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