Sunday, February 17, 2013

Karmically I Seek Retribution

Eleven more days in February and I can only invent THREE dumb posts? Incredible. Worst writer, laziest ever.

Because when anyone with too much prejudice tries to ban my creation somewhere, it will only go live on Google. How's that for unfair? Sue me.

Polyvore sets become too dull after five days. All the same colorful, bright, cheerful mood where positivity is the only acceptable theme. Not my kind. I am now convinced that the site is laden with bored teens too unmotivated to do their homework and jaded housewives with nothing to do but reporting people.


I still need to fuel my inconsequential blog for something suicidally dark. Where is Depression when I need her most? Ran away with five hours of daily commute to downtown Jakarta, I'm sure.

This month is where I am truly lackadaisical: scanned the news but hardly reading poetry, browsed memes and fashion photos, had nothing to write. Only twice that I composed verses in my mind, but then I decided to sleep instead of securing enough discipline to complete them and post on my blog. Nothing works.

No more whining, no more distraction, no more sleeping if I must. I need to get back into that pensively spiteful and sad mood. Write two poems a day and obligate myself to get serious. This isn't fun anymore.

Sunday, February 17, 2013, 5:38 – 8:55 PM
Karmically I seek retribution is from Darren Hayes's song "I Like the Way".

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