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Friday, March 2, 2012

Mr Anderson, Where Are You?

Powerful singing and synchronized dancing, boys. The two main ingredients to make all the girls worship you like holy gods. Look at The Warblers. Performed better than Train. Oh, Blaine, I so love you when you sing. Your vigor brings back everything to life.

Last Wednesday went without any fun whatsoever. It's ridiculous. Why must it take that long? The next Glee episode runs in April. Hgghh. Too far from now. I can't wait! Looks like the only motion picture I can enjoy is only this TV show. I tried to watch movies online, illegal streaming of course, but nothing excites me anymore. All of them taste so vapid. Without any intense musical renditions. No pretty gay boys that look like life-size dolls. No funky clothes. I really truly adore the vocal talents in Glee. So energizing.

I've been thinking, if I were a Glee character, who would I be?

A bit of Rachel Berry, since she exhibits that annoying "I can do anything if I try" attitude. I was so much like her in college as an English major. Scoring all the A's. Insisting to get the instructors' attention. That bossy tendency to direct people to do what I please. Impressing the boy that I used to like. Trying to do more than everyone else does. Little Miss Perfect.

Definitely echoing Santana Lopez's mean sarcasm. Even darker than her insults. She still has her weak limits. I can get violent if I must. Revenge is enticing. It's not that I endorse brutality. It's just that there are sociopathic idiots out there. And if they do something that spoils my peace, I will have no other choice than to fight back. With a vengeance. Teeth for a tooth. One must learn how much Scorpio's warlike climate can influence me.

Kurt Hummel's artistic fashion sense, or any part concerning his love of experimental beauty. I enjoy design concepts. And I do have a high level of visual sensitivity. It upsets me to see mismatched colors and patterns. People and things need to wear what's right for them. What looks best and pleasing to the eyes. I also relate to Kurt's indifferent poise for being "abnormal". That "no one can touch me" glare.

Brittany Pierce's lost touch with reality. The way she keeps saying and thinking of such absurdly inventive imaginings. How she loves unicorns as I do. Apart from my persistent believe in finding my true love, I don't act unrealistic. I do, however, say the most antagonistically illogical things. It's in my blood. I can't stop it. The Devil made me do it. Or the last unicorn, maybe?

Good gracious, Fox people! Why do you make so many viewers suffer this much? We want to watch Glee every damn week! Get to work!

Friday, March 2, 2012, 11:46 PM

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