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Friday, February 3, 2012

Rejection Junkie

Curiously mysterious, Wednesday
woke me up with love.
The kind of bliss wisely preserved
to the chosen few, like you,
and a drop of indigo dew.
Smiling, I could not differentiate
if it was happiness or laziness
that shuffled my morning.
                              A day went
with absentminded remembering.
With missing you and sacrificing you.
Were you present, I dared not testify.
Faint as a flicker of hope, of doubt,
and ambiguous confessions.
The chorus of unscrupulous
trepidation repeated, firing my head.
Be it in ecstasy or false trajectory,
it lasted through the night,
calming the next sunrise.
Thursday, conversely, was made up
of car crash and regretful slapdash.
What began as a contented trance
emerged into some
afternoon foulness. Harsh epiphany.
I prevent myself from stepping
to the future. It is free
from unappreciation.
Your sin. A familiarity.
Forming a bad habit.
These torturous traps,
the ones I fail to unload.
They carry me
to the darkest realm of delicacy.
There is no other you. No other me.
If you were insensitivity,
I would be plain stupidity.
You and I equal uncertainty.

Friday, February 3, 2012, 4:33 PM
Rejection junkie is from True Faith's song "I Don't Mind at All".

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