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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rainy Sunday Morning

Aaaahh... the joy of waking up on a rainy Sunday morning. Cold shower that injected my brain with so many ideas to write. I still need six more posts to publish for the day so that I can commit to my goal for one hundred articles a month. The remaining of February should cover five items per day. Had spicy instant noodle and scrambled egg for breakfast. Cleaned my room. Soaked my dirty clothes to be hand-wash tonight. Printed tank coloring pages for the twins. And now, a review.

Before I truly woke, I sleep-browsed the Internet. This happens when I feel agitated and can't sleep well enough to continue for the right amount of time. I saw Cedric had pasted me a link on YM. I was rather unconscious and the link looked too much like a spam. But I had to check it, anyway. Turned out it's the trailer for Chris Colfer's new movie Struck by Lightning.

Colfer wrote the script and played the leading man Carson Phillips. A story of an ambitious high-school journalist wanting to go to Northwestern University to achieve his dream working as an editor for the New Yorker. He blackmailed his school mates to write for his literary journal that was aimed to impress the college admissions board, in a scheme he termed Clovergate.

I really can identify with his character. As an English major, I was ruthlessly industrious to finish my degree in six semesters instead of the intended eight semesters. I wanted to impress the whole school, taking twenty-four to twenty-nine credits in a semester. I even had my Drama 1 class on Saturdays. Attempting to score all the A's I could. Meeting my thesis adviser on the term break when other students were vacationing somewhere. Outshining all other students in my class, making everyone looked bad. I failed to finish in six semesters, and got my degree in my seventh semester with only a 3.82 GPA (not 4.0!). But all the professors doted on me. They called me "the most driven student in the department". I was the perfect teacher's pet. And I loved it so much.

Seeing the trailer, Carson reminded me of myself. It's a good aspiration for other students who watch the movie, I'm sure. Students need to have a clear purpose of who they want to be after they finish school or college, and the movie depicts something similarly inspiring.

Nonetheless, from the short movie scenes I saw, Colfer's portrayal of Carson doesn't seem to be as spectacular as his Kurt Hummel in Glee. Not exactly his best acting performance. The movie is more like an indie type of teenage flick. Nothing so impressive nor grand. The only ones wanting to see it would be Kurt Hummel's Glee fans.

I haven't thanked Cedric for pasting me the link. I should. Maybe later.

Sunday, February 19, 2012, 1:40 PM

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