Sunday, February 12, 2012


Cedric: Are you still in love with Steven?
Amel: Yea.
Cedric: I'm still in love with you.
Amel: Good. Soon, I will post a love-triangle story.

See what I mean? Stories are everywhere. Literally. In fact, I have drafted that love-triangle tale a while ago in my paper journal. Cedric is in love with Amalia. Amalia is in love with Steven. Steven is in love with Sally. Sally is the dumbest red-haired maiden who is clueless about the magical world she lives in.

Coco Rocha, my model for Sally. White-skinned, red-haired, sexy curly locks, that stupid expression. Perfect. 

Exploiting red-haired girls is fun. They remind me of witches and mermaids. Perhaps I can modify Sally to choose Cedric, to complicate it further. Or, turning Sally gay to make her fall for Amalia. Lesbianism should arise somewhere in my work. Why not now? Amalia would be homophobic, loathe Sally, and break her poor, poor heart. Shove some eroticism in it. Seducing Steven's character should be amusing. He's like an inexperienced Tamagotchi. Fragile and chivalrous.

There will be a mean queen and a shallow king. Blood and suicide. I have a complete rough plot from beginning to middle to ending. Still need to develop the narration and dialogue. The most excruciating part.

I miss writing fiction. It's hard. Tricky as Hell. Losing track in the process often occurs. Demotivating me from finishing the whole piece. Too many drafts in my Fiction folder by now. Which is ineffective. I have discovered the best method of writing: instancy. Tried and true. Works for fiction and poetry. I just have to force my brain to structure the entire package at one sitting. The mood will be intact. Solid and uninterrupted.

Be warned that I fictionalize everything and everyone. Those who know me well should be familiar with this habit. I treat people as precious literary specimens. No one shall escape my dramatization. I'll rewrite anything and make it end the way I want it. The power of imagination. It's not my being impolite. Take it as a compliment.

Sunday, February 12, 2012, 6:10 PM

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