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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Piratelike Intervention

I am thinking about translating Plath's The Bell Jar to Indonesian, few pages a day, and post them on this blog continuously. That would very much be a violation of its copyrights. I know. But, it's the lawless Internet. Everyone does it, right? Knowledge is not for sale.

A worst-case consequence: I could get into trouble. This blog is always public. Someone might sue me if she realizes what I'm doing... And that would mean another case of blog suspension? Unsought for. If it gets serious, I can lose all the hard work I've put on this site. Not interested in recreating a new blog on a new domain. I must continue with this one. Can't risk being caught.

My friend works as a copyrights coordinator for a famous publishing company in Jakarta. She told me I could send a sample of my translation to see if the editors think they want to hire me to translate novels, both for adults and children. Some of these novels are the classic literary types, so The Bell Jar would suit their market. I can get money for my work. Yeay, piling more of that capitalistic money in my bank account!

However, being a cyberpunk feels extremely enticing. Like a badass antiheroine. A modern-day Robin Hood. Having the greatest chance to empower the world for everyone's share of free information. It's piracy, yes. But the translation will be my own property, since I am not selling it to anyone. Like doing a charity. Making a contribution for the "greater good" (i.e. the people who hate going to bookstores to buy legitimate copies, to whom I can relate).

Good God, I am so utilitarian. Though still a wimp. Scared of getting my third blog suspension. Being wrongly suspended twice was alarming enough that I had to change my blog URL. The third time, my IP address may be banned permanently. Too dicey.

So, people, please help with your own argument here. Let's have a vote. Illegal translation: good idea or bad idea? Sharing is caring?

Saturday, February 18, 2012, 8:58 PM
The Bell Jar


  1. I would say becareful with copyright and blogging. I have had 2 threats to have my blog taken down, one over a cartoon I used and one over some text I borrowed but did acknowledge the writer. Some people are over zealous with their work.
    But I would also say, go ahead and do it and lets hope nothing happens

    1. there was also a man who left a very angry comment on my old post cause i used his photo without his permission, so i removed the photo. the bell jar is not yet on public domain, so it will infringe its copyright owner. i'm too worried something may go wrong.


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