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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kissable Criminal Kittens

Can someone please educate this naughty yellow kitten that eighty minutes of sleep is not enough for a human?

She just learnt how to climb the mango tree in the front yard to hop onto the roof and scurried down the stairs to go inside the house. This morning, only my room was opened. So... she attacked my face and started crying asking for food. What a racket. I barely slept for eighty freaking minutes!! Reluctantly I had to wake (with a major headache) and prepared breakfast for six kittens and their mother. What slavery!

They are not even mine. The twins' mother adopted them from someone on the Internet. Why must I suffer and care for them when I so badly need my sleep? How unfair.

We used to have eleven kittens. Two died from illnesses. One was run over by a car. Two other went missing. The remaining six kittens sleep in plastic drawers in the carport. They also eat and play there. Sometimes they go inside the house when the front door is opened. Only one, that female yellow kitten, called India by the twins, is able to climb the mango tree and sneak in from the back staircase.

I don't really approve of the name India. Not cute enough for a cute kitten. Still better than Motor and Dough, of course (the twins have an awful taste for names). I told them I'll call her Karamel. She seems to like me cause she went to my room again after having her breakfast. Sniffing and licking my face. Demanding to sleep on my arm.

The other kitten, the gray one, named Joel or Weli by the twins (though I prefer to call him Melon), also assaulted me some time ago. What is wrong with them? They chewed on my face, on my hair, my arms and hands and feet. And they did this for thirty minutes or so. Really annoying. They must think they were bathing me, or that I'm their human-size toy.

No man has ever kissed me. But kittens? They forcefully kissed me many times. Probably cause I wore sweet-smelling strawberry lip balm. Now I know how it feels like to be molested: not nice.

Sunday, February 12, 2012, 3:54 PM
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