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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm Fine, Baby. How Are You?

The laziest Thursday. Ever.

Not sure what has happened to my body lately. I've been feeling weak. Lethargic. Yesterday I slept for only four hours since I had to rise early to get ready for work. Today I added four or five extra hours and woke at noon. Yet, I didn't get any energy recharge afterward. Something is not right.

I thought about practicing a vegetarian diet again. For health reasons. It seems to me that when I avoided eating meat for six years, I had more verve in my physique. No need to take energy drinks or coffee to start my morning. And all went well even when I had to attend four classes from eight in the morning till four in the afternoon. I was never sleepy, and my mood was not as depressed as it is now. Perhaps I felt happy cause I was doing something I love much: studying literature. Perhaps it was the food intake.

There's no way to know unless I'm willing to go back to vegetarianism to validate if it was really the effect of not consuming meat. It's hard cause chicken and fish and shrimp taste oh-so-bloody good. A million times better than tofu and tempeh and other plant-based foods. I've always hated vegetables since I was little. They're like gooey rubber in my mouth. Ewh.

Please don't tell me I need to exercise. I've never done such a thing in all my life. I enjoy walking anywhere, for reaching destinations, not for keeping my body fit. I don't see working out as anything compelling, unless it involves competition where I get the chance to defeat corny boys at their lousy sports games.

Even writing couldn't ignite my life-force. I've been pushing myself to create something original and poignant since three hours ago, but nothing succeeds. Not having any Muse is the sickest excuse I will never accede. I am a total failure!

Thursday, February 16, 2012, 9:38 PM
I'm fine, baby. How are you? is from Michael Buble's song "Home".

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