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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do You Know How Much I Miss You?

Miraculous. I passed my PMS week unharmed, and not harming anyone. No cocaine cookies needed. Nothing but restoring my blog and creating Looklet outfits. Some tiredness of teaching that lasted on Saturday. That was it. No other thing occurred.

I might have just discovered the perfect antidote to my menstrual mayhem. And that is... a mystery.

Submitting my new blog to ninety-five Internet directories and ping services (with stupid back links entailed) required one whole damn day, yesterday. Perpetually dull. Too repetitive. But I have this curiosity on how the process of promoting a website evolves. I did it once in 2010 for my first blog, and it took around one and a half year of continual shameless advertisement in countless other sites to scoop five thousand visits a month from 4,500 unique monthly visitors. Small. So, now I will try something more systematic to see the result.

Teaching is bad for my writing, as what I have experienced before. It disturbs the fluidness of mood. I don't even know why I still teach when I have enough money without taking more jobs. A part is to maintain a good professional reputation with the school I've been working with for almost six years. Another is to source stories. Seriously. The building where I teach is rumored to host many ghosts. Tame, but still scary. Neat, huh?

Like today, I switched to watching Glee again while typing this. Indulging my impulses for no reason. Cause I wanted to. When I was supposed to be writing and writing and absorb myself in unstoppable neurotic writing. The pledge of three-posts-a-day still applies. Disciplining myself may be rather challenging when I must do other chores like blog publicity and teaching and diverging to viewing Glee. But Kurt Hummel is too cute to ignore!

Just look at his innocently surprised face. So dreamy it makes me want to hug him forever and keep him as a pet.

Thursday, February 2, 2012, 6:10 PM
Image is a screenshot from Glee.

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