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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bad Blogspot

I used to be on blog.com from March 2010 to January 2012. It wrongly suspended my blog twice, mistaking it as spam because I posted six small articles in a day. What horror. I could not access it for almost four days. Wordpress is not a choice since it won't allow users to use Google Analytics. Let's just pretend it didn't exist.

Thus, I moved here to Blogspot. Hoping no suspension would ensue. Blogspot is not perfect, nor is it any better than blog.com. After three weeks, I kept finding its shortcomings:

  1. No categories. Who would think of displaying a blog with no categories? They simplify the posts into easily-spotted topics.
  2. No blog calendar. This is important for me since I can monitor how many articles I publish in a day. And visitors can do the same in checking titles.
  3. No recent comments, where they show authors with their links like on blog.com. This is useful for promoting other people's sites, helping them to garner recognition.
  4. No text sizes in points, only small/normal/large and so on. I love to vary my font sizes to arrange a more interesting reading experience.
  5. No hexadecimal font colors, only a set of predetermined colors. Also necessary to make a post appear more entertaining.
  6. No personalized adjustments for image and video sizes. Not cool. Everything is so fixed on Blogspot.
  7. No sticky posts, for when I need to highlight an important article.
  8. No private or password-protected posts. The whole blog must be made private or password-protected. So useless. It's cooler to create a password-protected post to increase readers' curiosity.
  9. No all-inclusive site search. The search box will only cover posts, not pages.
  10. No IP address records for comments. Very anonymous, very harmful. This can benefit stalkers and spammers. I have to install some IP widget like Statcounter to detect visitors' IP addresses.
  11. No option to edit permalinks. The stupidest flaw ever! I had to republish an article with the new title to change its permalink. Too much hassle. It's troublesome if I want to change the title of a post which I often do. Google needs to fix this.

Other things on Blogspot are fine, however. Based on my experience, blog.com has a very tardy support service. No forums, no far-reaching user groups. Difficult to fix when something flops. Help is almost impossible, unless you're willing to wait for three days or more. I'm too impatient for such negligence.

Sunday, February 12, 2012, 8:39 PM

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