Thursday, February 16, 2012

And the Best Blog Goes To...

Blogspot. That's why I'm here.

Just now when I wanted to check my old blog on, this was what I got:

And, after reloading the page for more than ten times:

Hell, yeah. I love having a free blog account that doesn't suck every week or so. Even when Blogspot is not all perfect, it's still better than for this kind of reliable stability. I hate the fact that I can't edit my comments on Blogspot, but it provides Captcha codes to deter spammers. I also hate its many other deficiencies. Stuff that I got from but not on Blogspot.

Nevertheless, this is the very time I love using Blogspot. No frustrating Bad Gateway error messages that prevent me from opening my blog. When Opera turbo can't access a site, that's bad. Seriously bad. So, Blogspot, not Better maintenance. Better accessibility.

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