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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Amel Anniza

Is the most impossible person on Earth, according to Steven.

Dumb, but whatever.

Her real name is not even Amel Anniza. She changed her last name to Anniza since on the day she signed up for Facebook, somewhere in 2007, there were many other similar names. So, she decided to create something unique and adopted Anniza as her pen name.

Today, she's the only Amel Anniza in the world (if Google is that trustworthy). Any other Amel Anniza is her copycat.

She majored in psychology, industrial design, and English because she enjoys learning. Or, studying. Or both. But since her true love chants English literature, that's the one undergrad degree she completed.

After working as an Indonesian-to-English translator/interpreter/ proofreader, she shifted into English teaching. She thought working for those capitalistic companies would only shame her. Damaging her naive idealism. She wanted to help students master English, to gain emotional rewards from doing so. How extremely selfish of her.

Five years later, in 2011, she became too bored of teaching Writing, TOEFL, IELTS (or any other English-related subject), and aspired to be a most inspired English poet and flash-fiction author. However, this isn't exactly practical to do in Indonesia. No one reads English poems and poetic stories unless the person majors in English literature.

There are slots for commercial writers who work at magazines and online publications. She tried to apply to forty-one companies, but none fit her. These jobs won't demand her to produce literary works. It's all about fashion, lifestyle, food, technology, and entertainment. Things that do not concern her. She knew she wouldn't feel at peace writing those. Picky, isn't she?

Disenchanted, she opted to stick to her freelance teaching job and writes for herself. On this not-so-grand blog. At least, here, she gets to experiment with any writing craft she likes. Composing whatever averageness she can conceive. No need to dwell on silly frivolities such as make-up and fashion trends.

Oh. The next time she includes this blog address in her resume, there's a good chance those beauty magazines never want to interview her. Digging her own grave trying to sound cheeky.

How to pronounce Amel Anniza: Ah-mell Un-nee-sah.
Or, just address her the Crazy Cat Lady.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 11:13 AM – 1:32 PM
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