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Friday, February 10, 2012

All the Pretty Darrens

Darren Hayes or Darren Criss?

I know I should be faithful to my fourteen-year crush Darren Hayes who happens to be the only much-older man I want to marry in this whole wide world... but Darren Criss appears to be very appealing. Yes, he's short. But he has blackish hair and he sings so beautifully. He writes songs; he acts. And, he performs synchronized dances with The Warblers. Male dancers are extremely hot.

Last night, I was reading about Criss and had an instant heart attack when I discovered this on IMDB:

How? How can a twenty-five year old lad look that gorgeous with glasses and such a geeky theme? I don't find glasses attractive. But on him, that's another story. Godly pretty. Magnetically kissable. I understand that he's of a mixed race of Filipino and Irish. Eurasians have the best faces. I'm so jealous.

Now that I have watched all Glee episodes I could find on the net, I can testify that Blaine Anderson sings better than everyone else in the series. Even more alluring than Rachel Berry's magnificent vocal. He does all the top forty songs much more professionally than those citty American bands. American musicians are blatantly overrated. Too commercialized, but with no apparent talent like Criss's.

Here it is. Another breathtaking spectacle by Blaine Anderson and The Warblers glamorizing a Maroon 5's number "Misery". If people tell you Glee ruins all the good songs, never believe them. Every musical interpretation I have witnessed on Glee is entertaining. Fresh and delightful. Better than its original. And the best ones come from Mr Anderson.

Friday, February 10, 2012, 6:08 PM
Darren Criss

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